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I can be the perfect girlfriend for every occasion -an angel on the streets but a devil in the sheets. So let’s create our time like a little island to escape the ocean of daily routine.

I don’t offer a list of services; I offer sharing an individual experience. Contact me to plan our special time with me together.

I love seeing couples as well and duo dates are a special experience I think everyone should try at least once. So if you´re curious I would love to bring one of my favourite duo partners along to our date.

It should be obvious that my dates require a polite, honest and respectful etiquette.

Individual real life experience

For all the work, time and passion I put into creating you the special date you deserve I charge

Individual real life experience

2 Hour €950
3 Hours €1150
4 Hours €1300
6 Hours €1700
8 Hours €1900
12 Hours €2100
15 Hours €2300
18 Hours €2500
24 Hours €2900
48 Hours €4900
Additional Overnight €1800

Individual online experience


Since we live in times of social distance I offer you to get to know me through individual online experiences. This is also a great way to get to know each other before actual dating.

If you are looking for a special service which is not listed below just write me an email.

Audible phantasy

Send me notes about your phantasy and. I am going to entertain you with my creative mind and my sexy voice. Get an audio file with your phantasy

3-5 min €65
5-10 min €110

Skype dates

A video Date is a great way to reach out and to get to know each other before a real life date. So even if just virtual, we can have dinner together and enjoy our conversation with flirting and teasing in between. But there are so many ways to entertain you without being physically around. We could do role plays, you could watch me doing pole dance and yoga or I can dress up in different outfits in front of the camera. This are just a few ideas and I am curious to her yours or to figure out together what our video date can look like.

½ hour €150
1 Hour €300

Customized photos and videos

You are more a voyeur? You like to watch without interacting or you want to watch me multiple times? There is the opportunity to ask for a video or photos which I create following your ideas and instructions. The price depends on what you request. Don’t be shy to send me a message!

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