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An escort lady as a long-term lover

An escort lady as a long-term lover

An escort lady as a long-term lover – for some this sounds like a dream come true, for others like a very unusual concept. But contrary to the general idea, a meeting with an escort lady rarely involves the purely physical act. In most cases, clients and escorts are interested in creating a positive relationship with each other on different levels. Because the better you know each other, the more comfortable you feel with each other and can experience beautiful moments together. 

The more meetings you have with a person, the better you can naturally get to know each other. Therefore it is not unusual that escort ladies often have regular customers or customers often date the lady of their choice over a longer period of time. 

This relationship concept is by far not new, not without reason sex work is called the oldest profession in the world. If you take a look into the past, it becomes clear that even historical examples were almost never exclusively about sex. 

Well-known examples include the Japanese geishas, who are primarily entertainers and preserve and perform traditional Japanese arts. In fact, eroticism does not play a role in entertaining guests or customers, it is rather a cultural and intellectual encounter. The image of geishas as prostitutes was essentially shaped by the American depiction of wartime in films. 

In Europe, courtesans and mistresses are particularly well-known examples of intimate relationships outside marriage. Courtesans were women who lived at aristocratic and upper middle-class courts and were available to one or more men with love services. Courtesans often had their own salon, which was considered a room for witty conversations. 

Unlike courtesans, mistresses had a separate role, as their function was thoroughly institutionalised. Mistresses were the most powerful female minions at the absolutist court and thus possessed a great position of power. Mistresses were thus far more than just the king’s mistress. After she was officially introduced to the Queen at court, she was given an apartment and annual payments from the court treasury. Her main task was to make her king’s court the most respected centre of the country. For this she was to be considered a beautiful, educated and witty hostess. 

Madame de Pompadour, for example, the official mistress of Louis XV, took on the role of the king’s private secretary and supported writers, painters, sculptors and scientists. She also created a theatre at the French court and directed over 60 plays, operas and ballets. 

Of course, times have changed since the Renaissance and royal courts and institutions are long outdated. Nevertheless there are similarities between former mistresses and today’s escorts. 

There are still people who wish for an intimate and intensive relationship outside of the classical relationship concepts. If you date an escort lady over a longer period of time, you will quickly recognize the advantages that such a relationship can bring. 

Because even though a relationship with an escort can become very intense over time, there are clear general conditions. An escort lady offers all the advantages of a perfect lover, but without relationship dramas and jealousy. As a customer you can 

decide to what extent you want your date to participate in your personal life. You don’t have to justify yourself or fear emotional arguments. It is also no problem if you meet and date other women besides your regular escort lady. Furthermore, relationships that are detached from everyday life offer more room for positive moments, because after all, both clients and escorts are interested in making the time together as enjoyable as possible.  

The longer you meet the same escort lady, the more intense and trusting the relationship can become. This creates the opportunity to try out new things together and to create shared experiences and memories. Totally unbound, without possible disadvantages of a classic love relationship. 

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